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Habits are like pixels.

Pixels are the smallest elements on a screen. Alone, they mean nothing: but together, they make an image. Our daily actions are like tiny pixels. Alone, they’re meaningless: it’s by doing something every day that you end up building a purposeful, life-changing habit.

Meet your fresh New Tab page.

These are your pixels, they visually represent your progress. From the day you started on the left to the finish day on the right, each day is a pixel. They’re empty now, waiting for you to fill them up by achieving your daily goal, every single day.

I'm going to for 30 days.

Own the day, control your life.

What’s the one thing you can change about yourself that will increase the quality of your life? Start The Pixel Challenge by setting a goal. Goals help us achieve more in life: if we are not setting goals, we are not striving to progress.

Personal growth, 5 minutes at a time.

When setting your goal, start small: keep it nice and easy. Achievable. Don’t take on too much at once: that can completely destroy the entire process. Start with just 5 minutes, everyone can set aside five to ten minutes to go for a jog or sit down and work. You will eventually do it for way longer. And you can always edit your goal or scale up the difficulty on your habit later on.

🔥 123

Keep up that streak!

You have a goal, now go do it every day. No excuses. Turning on pixels for more than two days in a row increments your streak. Miss one day, you’ll start over from zero. Let this drive you, use the streak power to motivate you and build your self-discipline.

  • 30 days
    Great for beginners and small habits. Explore and try out new things! Examples: cook a new recipe for 30 days, take a cool photograph for 30 days, read for 30 days, practice yoga for 30 days.
  • 100 days
    Perfect for picking up new skills and building habits that stick over time. Examples: code for 100 days, wake up early for 100 days, write 200 words a day for 100 days, train for a marathon for 100 days.
  • 365 days
    If you really want to transform your life and shape yourself through daily self-discipline. Examples: meditate for 365 days, exercise for 365 days, avoid alcohol for 365 days, no smoking for 365 days.
  • Customize your challenge length.

    Studies show that you only need to do something for about 28 days to turn an action into a habit, but if you really wanna make it stick and have the potential to deeply transform your life, you can choose to do your challenge for way longer than that. Or you could even chain several challenges to build multiple habits in a row.

    🎉 100

    You did it!

    Unleash the compound effects.

    Reaching your potential comes down to small daily self-discipline, turning small habits into big changes over time. Imagine the drastic change on your life doing something every day can have. Your dashboard will be there every time you open a new tab, forcing you to see your goal and progress every day. Keeping you on track. Stick with it: after only 30 days, it’ll have already become an unconscious habit.

    Make it personal.

    Turn your dashboard into something that’s truly yours. The Pixel Challenge is highly customisable: from hiding elements to setting the background image mood. Go explore all the possibilities in the Settings page!

    Take your goals to the next level.

    Commit financially to your goals. The sunk cost principle proves you're more likely to accomplish something if you're financially invested in it. Put your money (literally) where your mouth is. Go PRO and get among other features:

    Multiple challenges

    Build several habits at a time

    Mobile version

    Never miss a day: check pixels on the go

    Sync across devices

    Use multiple devices in sync

    Dark mode

    Beautiful and easy in your eyes

    Custom background

    Upload your own background images

    Hide elements

    Remove clutter from your new tab page

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    The new you awaits.

    What will you achieve with your new habit?

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